Form a Project Team

Races are team competitions. Once you have registered on the platform you can form or join a project team.


Enactus Races are open to all registered students on Enactus teams. Please visit to see the 36 countries where Enactus currently operates.

Not part of Enactus? Contact to learn how you can join.

Team  Requirements

  • Project teams must have at least two Enactus students from the same Enactus team (Project Leader and Alternate Project Leader) and one Enactus Faculty Advisor.
  • The Project Leader is responsible for forming their project team (see below).
  • Enactus Faculty Advisors are encouraged but not required to register on the online platform.
  • Race participants must abide by the Community Guidelines. Participants and/or project teams who violate these guidelines will become ineligible for rewards and/or will be disqualified from the Race.

Forming a Project Team

The Enactus student leading their Race project will be designated as Project Leader. The Project Leader is responsible for using the platform to form their project team and submit their Action Entry/Progress Report.

Each Enactus team can form more than one project team, providing each project team submits a unique project. 

Team profiles will be posted in the Team Directory to help Race participants connect with one another in support of collaboration. 

Form a Team

Joining a Project Team

Other Enactus students who are participating in a Race project should register on the platform. Project Leaders can then add and invite members to join their project team.