The Growcer

The Growcer



The Growcer is a modular plug-and-play hydroponic farm built within 40’ shipping container that enables operators to grow produce locally.

Project Description

A brief project description of our food waste/loss project by addressing the following questions: 

Target audience: Remote and Northern communities. Long supply chains mean 3 times the amount of spoilage for remote communities, with Arctic storms sometimes leaving entire trains full of produce stranded before they reach their destination. High prices were passed on to customers, meaning produce was 4-6 times more expensive and what did end up on the shelf was often already rotten or went bad within a few days.
The Growcer lets the community lead by enabling local operators to grow produce, in temperatures as cold as -52°C. By reducing supply chains, retailers can sell produce that is only hours old, reducing their food waste. New systems can be launched quickly in communities to jumpstart the local economy by creating jobs and enabling the creation of food businesses that use this newfound access to accessible, affordable produce.
The Growcer will reduce supply chains significantly, grow 12,000 pounds of produce annually in each system & provide thousands with access to fresh, affordable produce. We allow retailers to source produce locally, reducing spoilage by 90%. We will work closely with each retailer & operator to track spoilage & through satellite-enabled automation, collect data on yields & performance of each system.
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