RiceUp for Filipino Farmers

RiceUp for Filipino Farmers


Lubao, Pampanga, Philippines

RiceUp is a social enterprise promoting responsible use of food resources, eliminating waste and empowering farmers to improve their income via sustainable farming.

Project Description

A brief project description of our food waste/loss project by addressing the following questions: 

Filipinos generate 7.3 lbs of food waste per capita annually. In 2013, rice waste was 297,000 tons and to produce a kilogram of rice, 5000 liters of water is needed. Our project in Pampanga, Philippines, farmers produce 47,000 tons of rice, and they also produce vegetables. Lack of access to direct market between small farmers and consumers contributes to food waste in the area, including wasteful food habits and food handling. Vermiculture can be utilized to solve this.
In response to the food wastes of families and farmers, RiceUp encourages donating the wastes to our two vermicomposts (worm composting) to produce organic fertilizer. We are now partnering with local government on their solid waste management plan covering 2 villages, impacting 4000 people. Preventing the waste from its source is the key, we made plans with our farmers to prevent it. Through our use of Food Basket Subscription, farmers can sell to consumers directly.
We will utilize agricultural waste down to the end consumer. Since these wastes will serve as inputs for fertilizers, these will be given to the small Filipino farmers. They will no longer have to purchase fertilizers for their crops and vegetables. They will be able to save more money and use the money saved to purchase seeds. We will measure this by each kilogram of fertilizer produced. Key indicators such as increase and quality in yields and savings will be our basis.
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