Square Roots

Square Roots


Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada

Through the delivery of healthy and affordable bundles of produce, Square Roots cohesively addresses food waste and food insecurity.

Project Description

A brief project description of our food waste/loss project by addressing the following questions: 

With nearly 3,900 farms, Nova Scotia produces 600 million dollars worth of food annually. Yet 180 million dollars worth of edible produce simply goes to waste. Farmers are losing money on good food that is being rejected by grocery stores because it is considered imperfect. Instead of making money on selling a meal, restaurants are paying large monthly expenses to dispose surplus food.
Through the delivery of affordable bundles of imperfect fruits and vegetables, Square Roots tackles food waste from farm to plate. Square Roots sources imperfect produce from local farmers and works with low income communities to reduce food waste and increase food security. Also, Square Roots sells $5 tokens that can be redeemed for a meal made from surplus ingredients at partnering restaurants.
Square Roots has the potential to make Halifax a leader in responsible consumption and production. Square Roots is currently franchising its bundle service and is rapidly onboarding restaurants for the Token Program. Impact will be measured on a basis of ugly produce being diverted from landfills through bundle sales and Token meals made/sold from excess ingredients.
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