Project Sucseed

Project Sucseed


St. John's, Newfoundland and Labrador, Canada

Using hydroponics to provide a sustainable and affordable way to grow food, reducing imports and reducing spoiled food going to waste.

Project Description

A brief project description of our food waste/loss project by addressing the following questions: 

Our target demographic are Northern Canadians in communities not accessible by roads, and in harsh climates. They are reliant on imports, flown in from across North America and beyond. By the time the food arrives, it is often poor quality or spoiled. This means a large amount of food is going to waste, and on top of that, tonnes of greenhouse gases are released transporting this wasted food.
We are empowering community members to grow their own food through in-home hydroponic systems. We've worked with expert botanists and engineers to design a system that works anywhere in the world, and grows a wide range of produce. Community members develop food-sharing cooperatives, so nothing they grow goes to waste. Additionally, this reduces the amount of imports, and eliminates food waste.
We've already developed 13 food-sharing cooperatives, and have confirmed expansion to every community in Nunavut by the end of the summer. Our systems, and the cooperatives we develop are empowering community members to take control of their food supply. Not only are they eating better, but they are drastically reducing how much food is thrown out, and eliminating tonnes of greenhouse gases.
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